New York Times: The Church Team was featured in the article: “A Card-Counting Mix of Bibles, Blackjack and Cash


CNN Church Team Article

CNN: David Drury’s article, “My Take: Jesus would be Okay with Card Counting” was featured on the CNN Religion Blog.


huffington post holy rollers articleHuffington Post: A writeup about “Holy Rollers”, the documentary based on the Church Team can be read here.


This American Life: The team was featured in part of the first half of their piece onBlackjack.


The Colbert Report: “Does God approve of gambling in His name?…Yahweh!” See StephenColbert’s piece here.


colin jones card counting interview

The Pittsburgh Tribune: Colin is interviewed about gambling, running the Church Team, and theirviews on casinos.



Casino Player Magazine: Colin was interviewed on the story of the Church Team by Casino Player magazine.



The  Michael Medved Show: Colin and “Rockstar” Greg Tomlin were interviewed by Michael Medved

NPR’s “The Story”: David and Dusty were interviewed for their exploits here.

NPR’s “The Conversation: Calls the Church Team a “fascinating story.” Listen to it here.

Even More Press on the documentary, Holy Rollers.